Call for Entries!

The Visual World of Indian Cinema

Indian cinema is a world of visual excess, be it the larger than life mainstream or the stark realism of arthouse and experimental. From extravagant sets and elaborately choreographed dance sequences to rich landscapes and an enviable store of art and architecture, the Indian cinematic experience is nothing short of intense. Think Anarkali’s grand and glamorous display of rebellion in Mughal-e-Azam or the spectacularly nauseating depiction of a depraved humanity in the hunt scene from Jallikattu—this is a universe of veritable sensory engagement.

For our first biannual issue we are seeking submissions on or inspired by the visual world of Indian Cinema. We are interested in essays, poems, fiction and artworks, both reflective and experimental, that engage with the wonders of motion pictures, be it Bollywood or the rich tapestry of regional language cinema.

To submit, check out the guidelines on our submissions page.