Genus Ptenopus

Ptenopus is a quarterly literary magazine centred on art and triviality. We believe that “art for art’s sake” isn’t actually about evading politics or ethics, but letting art speak for itself. It covers both the grand and the ‘trivial’. So, whether you believe art must be with or without purpose, we’ve got something for you. Our motto is “art for the sake of whatever”.

So, if you want to share why Dali’s melting clock persists in your memory or why colourful trucks on highways are the best psychedelic display on wheels, we are interested. Do not be shy because we are given to heartfelt ramblings, radical reimagining, quiet and bold assertions and reflexive romance, pretty much all as long as it is inspired by art. Art is what you think it is; the most real, the most revelatory.

We call ourselves Ptenopus because, well, it sounds like Ten Opus. We put up 10 pieces for each issue/opus. But, here’s the real reason and a fun fact: Ptenopus Garrulous is the scientific name of the Barking Gecko. We are loud.

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