Birth of the Universe

Abhimanyu Singh Baghel

Mars Dust (1972), Alma Thomas
You ask me why is red my favorite color.
I tell you red is what keeps us alive, 
flowing calmly inside our veins.
It is the raging sun running out of fuel, 
an August evening sky pregnant with rain.
It is your face when I am kissing you
on our way to Paris
inside a speeding Grande Vitesse train.
It is the northern lights stripped off
their shorter wavelengths.
Strontium amulets on fire without any gain.
Seasonal apples from Kashmir and Himachal, 
Turkish strawberries on cocaine.
You tell me you love me more
when I am vulnerable, bare –
a rogue planet made of iron oxide, 
adrift in perpetual night in the space
between two neighboring galaxies.
Proof that once, there was water on me, 
that I could’ve supported life.
I tell you I am headed towards you –
your gravitational pull, our barycenter.
To dance in each other’s embrace, 
under a chandelier of rubies, we
turn off all the switches,
Waltz with our faces lit in the reflected starlight.
Making love, a dawn of May –
I tell you why red is my favorite color, 
for we are leaving behind the afterglow
of what will be observed as
the birth of the Universe.

A Radical poet, visual designer, and artist at heart, Abhimanyu loves to understand the human connection with nature and eternity and how we can evolve into a more mature and compassionate species. He is currently working on a collection of poems and a full-length novel. Abhimanyu is a wishful thinker who wishes to see the world turn into a peaceful and understanding place.

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