The Harp and the Novice

Soham Mallick

Gold and Red with Harp (2016), © Anatole Krasnyansky
How gladly will I be the harp
To your untrained fingers;
Let you pluck away at my strings
With mediocrity 
That seeks perfection.
For love is more than a habit.
It is a curriculum that seeks 
The fire and vigour of a novice.

And I, the harp, shall await
And discover the wonders
I'm capable of
Guided by your touch
I'll learn the language of your skin 
As you learn me, one song at a time 
Till comes a day when we are
Composing concerti together.
So come, touch me,
Let's make music.

Soham Mallick is a vocalist, guitar player and one of the founders of the popular indie rock band, Moongphali. An active performer for the last 10 years, Soham also enjoys songwriting and poetry.

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