Homo Bulla: Touching Impermanence

By Priya Anupama Kujur

Artist’s Note: Homo Bulla that translates as ‘Man is but a bubble’ is a tradition of art that depicts soap bubbles as an allegory for the transience and fragility of life. The passage from reality to a virtual or fictional one is but another state of transience, fleeting and ephemeral as man tailors his online persona by immersing himself within an algorithmic bubble while presenting a façade to a world that is temporal.

Priya Anupama Kujur, is a self-taught illustrator who sketches minimalistic illustrations in a traditional medium. Her insight into the art of visual storytelling stems from a deep interest in a wide range of visual influences and narratives, such as art, cinema, animation, graphic novels, to literary influences such as literature, as well as politics. She enjoys watching anime and scribbling random doodle in her sketchbook during her me time.  Find her sketches on Instagram at @the_i_diot

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